Lyra by Numbers 2024

We have served...

70+ Young Harpists

Lyra's Glissando Program has enriched the lives of over 70 students from elementary to high school in the Philadelphia School District and Bronx School Districts. Lyra happily accepts exceptional learners.

5 Schools and Expanding

Currently serving Central High School, GAMP, Masterman Middle/High School, Philadelphia High School for Girls; Theatre Arts Production Company School (Bronx, NY).

100% of Our Graduates

100% of our students graduate high school and attend college, university, or conservatory - many of whom are first in their families to do so!

24 Published Works

Lyra's Costello Competition published and premiered 24 pieces for harp by young composers.

$125,000 Awards $ Scholarships

Lyra has given over $125,000 in awards and scholarships to our students and alumni.

4,000+ Students

We have reached over 4,000 students in free harp presentations throughout the Philadelphia School District and in the Theatre Arts Production Company School in the Bronx.




Lyra Alum, Princeton University '26

"Every experience has given me motivation to work harder with the aim being able to mirror both the musicianship, kindness, generosity, and grace embodied by everyone at Lyra."



Lyra Alum, Bowdoin College '24

"Playing the harp has taught me more than just simply matching the notes on the score to the many red, black and white strings. It has taught me discipline, structure, love, grit and a thousand more qualities that I could go on and on about. Because of the harp I sit straighter, I walk with purpose,



Lyra Alum, Temple University '23

"I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to be a part of this program. Because of Lyra, I am the young woman that I am today."

Elisabeth D'Alessandro

Dir. of Instrumental Music, Girls' High

"Never in my career have I worked with an outside organization that is so dedicated to education."

Ken Hutchins

Ken Hutchins

Patron since 2015

“I have watched several The Lyra Society students come through the program; the progress in playing, and more importantly the development of poise and confidence from these students is nothing short of amazing."

Robin Karakousis

Lyra Parent

"If today’s high school students can possess and share a good fraction of the goodness and talent that [Lyra's staff] exude, tomorrow’s future for our country is indeed bright."