Join us in changing young lives through the magic of harp education while connecting with a community of harpists, world class musicians, and music-lovers. We welcome you with open arms to our Lyra Family!

To apply, please email info@LyraSociety.org with your resumé and/or LinkedIn profile & let us know which committee(s) you may be interested in. We look forward to hearing from you!

Committee Options

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College & Financial Aid Guidance (CAFA) Committee
Chair: Anita Henderson

  • Review and make recommendations to the board on activities and resources to support academic programs for Lyra students
  • Offer individualized support to students on college application and financial aid process
  • Work with Director of Education on Lyra letters of recommendation for college-bound students
  • Work with Founding Artistic Director & Executive Director on activities and events which reflect the educational focus of Lyra

Members: Elizabeth Hainen, Anita Henderson, Diane Mallery
College, University, and Conservatory Outcomes

Development & Marketing Committee
Interim Chair: Robert Schwartz

  • Coordinate fundraising plans with Events, Finance, and other Committees.
  • Engage directly with existing and potential donors.
  • Develop annual fundraising strategies and plans
  • Monitor execution of fundraising plans, including performance against goals, cost-effectiveness, and compliance with legal and ethical standards

Members: Anita Henderson (ex officio), Diane Mallery (ex officio), Anna Marie Petersen, Bob Schwartz, Jonathan Stiles, Christine Larsen

Events Committee
Chair: Anna Marie Petersen

  • Formulate strategies and recommend events to promote fundraising for Lyra as well as its mission, working with Development and other committees
  • Oversee execution of events, including marketing communications, attendance cost, and compliance with legal and ethical standards
  • Work with staff and Board members to ensure maximum participation and appropriate staffing
  • Solicit feedback from attendees, staff, and board.

Members: Alexandra Chamberlain, Anita Henderson (ex officio), Diane Mallery (ex officio), Anna Marie Petersen

Finance Committee
Chair: Patty Ellis

  • Review & make recommendations regarding budget, forecast costs, approve budget for each fiscal year
  • Ensure up-to-date financial statements
  • Review strategy for long-term financial sustainability
  • Review proposed activities for financial impact and make recommendations
  • Make recommendations regarding establishment and termination of banking and similar relationships
  • Review risk management provisions and make recommendations as needed
  • Oversee audits of Lyra, including recommendations for independent audits and terms of engagements, audit plans, new financial reporting requirements, annual financial statements, and the completed audit

Members: Patty Ellis, Karen Eskridge, Anita Henderson (ex officio), Diane Mallery (ex officio)

Website & Technology Committee
Chair: Diane Mallery

  • Provide accurate public information about Lyra Society
  • Review the website on a regular basis and make recommendation for changes to the Board in accordance with the mission of Lyra
  • Ensure the quality of the content and troubleshoot any problems, such as broken links, incorrect information, and other edits
  • Solicit suggestions from other Lyra committees for updating the website with content and innovations
  • Review websites of organizations with similar missions and note any examples which Lyra can adapt to its own needs.

    Members: Anita Henderson, Diane Mallery, Sheri Ranger, Karl Girthofer

Young Friends Committee (21 – 65 yrs)
Co-Chairs: Jazmine Gould | Chelsea Steinberg

Young Friends hosts fun events for a younger crowd to bring more awareness to Lyra. Events have included free harp lessons at Evil Genius Beer Garden and other breweries

Help us brainstorm and coordinate more fun events that will raise awareness of Lyra, educate people on the harp, and encourage more people to join the Lyra Family!
Members: Jazmine Gould, Chelsea Steinberg