Raising the awareness of the beauty of the harp through education, performance and new music

Commission History

Commissions for the Costello Award

2007 Sheridan Seyfried: Chrysanthemum for solo harp

2008 Stephen Cabell: Distance to the Moon for flute, viola and harp (1 movement)

2009 Ke-Chia Chen: Book of Images for violin and harp (4 movements)

2010 Daniel Shapiro: The Orchard Garden for harp and percussion (needs editing, currently for two percussionists)

2011 Michael Djupstrom: Salzedo’s Jukebox (6 movements)

2012 Daniel Temkin: Floating Bells (3 movements) Watch video here.

2013 Thomas Oltarzewski: Winter Scenes for harp, violin and cello (1 movement)

2014 Andrew Hsu: Improvisations on Ailein Duinn for harp and cello (1 movement) Winner; Michael McMillan “Forgotten Lyres” for violin, cello and harp (1 movement) runner-up, premiere Curtis April ’14; Joshua Hey “Iterations” for harp and percussion (1 movement) runner-up, premiere Temple May ’14.

2015 Bekah Simms: wires at rest (tend to tangle) for harp and cello (2 movements)

2016 Matthias McIntire: The Night is Full of Dark Imaginings for flute, viola, and harp (1 movement)

Lyra Society Commissions (inspired by Edna Phillips’ Legacy)

2006 Jonathan Leshnoff: “Five things my children asked me” for flute, harp, viola and percussion (5 movements), $10,000 gift by Jeremiah German, February 25, 2008, Philadelphia Chamber Music Society, American Philosophical Society, Syrinx Trio with David DePeters, percussion.

2008 Melinda Wagner: “Pan Journal” for harp and string quartet (1 movement), $10,000 joint commission by PCMS and Lyra, April 29, 2009, Philadelphia Chamber Music Society, Perelman Theater, Kimmel Center, Juilliard String Quartet with Elizabeth Hainen, harp.

2011 Esteban Benzecry: “Horizontes Inexplorados” for harp (6 movements), $3000, February 9, 2011, Philadelphia Chamber Music Society, American Philosophical Society, Elizabeth Hainen, harp.